Managed Cloud Servers

Concentrate on the essential, your business!

Let the complications behind you, our experts take care of everything
Installing, configuring, securing, updating, monitoring ...

Comes with Parallels Plesk Panel interface simple and intuitive,
managing your site becomes a breeze!

Specifications Cloud SLI1 Cloud SLI2 Cloud SLI3 Cloud SLI4
Dedicated vCore 1 vCore 2 vCore 3 vCore 4 vCore
Frequency 3.4 GHz+ 3.4 GHz+ 3.4 GHz+ 3.4 GHz+
Architecture 64 bits 64 bits 64 bits 64 bits
Memory 2 Go 4 Go 8 Go 16 Go
Memory Type DDR3 DDR3 DDR3 DDR3
Hard Drive 50 Go 100 Go 200 Go 400 Go
Hard Drive Type SAS en RAID 10 SAS en RAID 10 SAS en RAID 10 SAS en RAID 10
Bandwidth 100 Mbps
Monthly Transfer Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Availability 99.9% 99.9% 99.9% 99.9%
Billing Cycle Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly
Discount for annual payment
2 Months Free
Setup Fee Offered Offered Offered Offered
Price 89.99 129.99 159.99 179.99
Order Configure Configure Configure Configure
Services included
Parallels Plesk Panel License
IP Address 1
Additional IP addresses Optional
Anti-DDoS protection New

Protection anti-DDoS

  • TCP SYN Flood
  • Comprehensive TCP and UDP Layer Flood
  • HTTP Request and DNS Query Flood
  • Application Layer Flood
  • Smurf Attack

Secondary DNS server
Customizable Reverse
Controle Panel
Full root access
Reboot 24/7/365 via interface
Console access 24/7/365 via interface
Bandwidth Graphs
Scalable on the fly
Availability 99,9%
Hardware Support 24h/24 7/7
Software Support 24h/24 7/7
Domain Name
Multi domains / Multi sites
Unlimited subdomains
Unlimited domains alias
Unlimited web redirections
DNS Service
Managing DNS zones
Unlimited email accounts
Unlimited email aliases
Mail redirects
POP3 / IMAP Compatible
Private SMTP Serveur
SmartPhone (Blackberry, iPhone ...) Compatible
Anti-spam / Anti-virus Filter
Mailing lists
Webmail interfaces
Unlimited data bases
Management Tools
Unlimited FTP Accounts
File Manager
Password protected directories
Traffic Monitoring
Web Space Monitoring
Extension SSI
Ruby On Rails
Java Applications
Development Tools
.htaccess Management
PHP.ini Management
IonCube Loader
cURL Library
Zend Optimizer
Management CRON jobs (scheduled tasks)
URL rewriting
GD & G2 Graphics Library
Other Tools
Statistics software
Custom error pages
Directory protections
Scripts Automated Installer (Joomla,Wordpress....)